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Japonica - various objects brought from Japan by the author (HP5700 scanner - direct scans or scanned photos).
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everything was hard-coded by myself (AWM) in pure text mode (just NotePad); some tricks were necessary with equations (Equation Editor -> gif).
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this page conforms to HTML 4.01 (static).
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I did include some scripts, however more enhancements with JavaScript will come soon - though will not be crucial in viewing most of the content.
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at 1024x768 (XGA) in MS Internet Explorer 6 (Netscape's Navigator works also nicely) - SVGA (800x600) or even VGA (640x480) should be OK too; I tried to use only simplest features - except for frames; access to these pages is also possible (though not so comfortable) with older browsers non-supporting frames or JavaScript.
English - I tried to use it properly (taking as a guidance intended clarity and brevity of the text and not necessarily its style) - as best as I could without calling for help of a professional translator; if you know of some language error - please let me know. Some of my sentences may be too long - however my mother tongue (Polish) likes/tolerates veeeery loooong sentences, so please forgive me.

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