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H2O properties:

see also a great page on Water (M. Chaplin, London South Bank Univ.)
and Water Chemistry page (FilterFast filter supplier)

Data sources

  1. Pressure of H2O vapour - dependence on temperature
  2. Density of H2O - dependence on temperature
  3. Ionic product: pKw - dependence on temperature
  4. Electric properties of water

Water vapour pressure dependence on temperature:
Ps and log(Ps):
function of temperature t [C]
log(Ps)= f(1/T)
(with polynomials fitted in 2 ranges)
pressure of water vapour = f(t[C]) pressure of water vapour = f(1/T)

Density of liquid water = f(t)
Density = f(t[C]):
(in two subranges)
Density of water
(linearized and fitted in 0-100C range, T[K])
y(d) = sign[T-T(dmax)]*[dmax - d(T)]p
y(d) = f(x)   where:
  x=(1/T-1/273.15)   and   p=0.49
density of water = f(t[C]) density of water = linearized f(1/T)

Ionic produc of water Kw
pKw dependence on temperature:
pKw in 0-100C range pKw in 0-350C range
pKw in 0-100C range pKw in 0-350C range

Electric properties of water
Conductivity of pure water:
dependence on temperature
Dielectric constant of water
(dependence on temperature)
conductivity of water, κ and logκ dielectric constant of water, ε dielectric constant of water: (εT)^p = f(T), where p = 1 or 3/2

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