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Lublin city clickable map (central area + transport + M.C.S. Univ.)
  [on Polish Chemical Soc. (PTChem), Lublin division site, by AWM]

Lublin - city maps
H x W pix
raw (no antialiasing)
with antialiasing
Maps without details
(main streets only)
1200 x 1400 pix
(100kB gif)
Lublin (no details, raw, 1200x1400 pix)
(207kB gif)
Lublin (no details, smooth, 1200x1400 pix)
Maps with details
(main+local streets)
1200 x 1400 pix
(128kB gif)
Lublin (details, raw, 1200x1400 pix)
(296kB gif)
Lublin (details, smooth, 1200x1400 pix)
Hi-res with details
(main+local streets)
2400 x 2800 pix
antialiased (700kB gif)
Lublin (Hi-res, details, smooth, 2400x2800 pix)

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