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Short CV (A.W. Marczewski)


over 50 papers (21 before PhD) (see my ResearcherID), 13 other articles and 64 conference communications (Jan. 2013), 3 Polish patents (see a full paper list)

Working on:

theory and experiment of adsorption (equilibrium and kinetics), potentiometric titrations, experiment planning and automation (in the past also: catalysis, Atomic Force Microscopy - AFM).


in Fortran (PC and UNIX), Pascal, VBasic, some Basic, a little C and ASM, html
Recent programming project: potentiometric titrator for slowly establishing equilibria (Turbo Pascal 7), following the idea of prof. W. Janusz.


Polish Chemical Society (Lublin Div.), Physicochemistry of Interfacial Phenomena Section.


Married since 1983 to Anna Deryło-Marczewska (fellow scientist in adsorption, currently at the Dept. of Adsorption, Chair of Phys. Chemistry, Fac. of Chemistry, UMCS, Lublin; MCS Univ. professor; PhD and habilitation in chemistry; e-mail, www); daughter Agata (born: 1985; MA in Arts/painting, finishing with degree in interrior design).
Some photos.

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