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Faculty of Chemistry:

Department of Radiochemistry and Colloid Chemistry (ZRiChK)
Official WWW: http://www.RadioChemistry.umcs.lublin.pl/
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UMCS staff etc. (search page)
University Press, Annales UMCS
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Other pages:
IKA (Internetowa Księgarnia Akademicka) (Internet Univ. Bookstore - books from all large Polish universities)

Other e-mail and www accounts:
If a staff member has an e-mail and www account on some other server one should use UMCS search (now: UMCS search ) or send an e-mail to: Firstname.Lastname@umcs.lublin.pl (Polish characters should be exchanged to respective latin ones - see table - eg. Stanisław to Stanislaw) (Note! Not all UMCS e-mail users have such an system-wide alias - in such a case the UMCS search engine does not show such an e-mail adress!)

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