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A Practical Guide to Isotherms of ADSORPTION on Heterogeneous Surfaces

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MCM synthesis

See an example of analysis of N2 adsorption on MCM-16 (t-plot and αs-plot report).
More on analysis of porous structure: micropores and mesopores.

Syntheses of MCM and MCF materials are performed in this lab. In MCF syntheses the Pluronic non-ionic copolymers PE9200, PE9400, PE10500 with TMB as expander and TMS as silica source are used. The syntheses are carried out in water solution of strongly acidic pH and at varying synthesis composition, time, temparature and aging conditions. The properties are investigated by nitrogen adsorption, potentiometric titration and other methods.

  1. "Highly ordered mesoporous silica materials synthesized on non-ionic triblock copolymer templates", A.Deryło-Marczewska, A.W. Marczewski and I. Skrzypek, Proc. 4th European Congr. of Chem. Engineering (ECCE-4), 21-25 Sept. 2003, Granada, Spain, poster P-8.2-020 (pdf)
  2. "Modification of Synthesis of Ordered Mesoporous Silica Sorbents Based on Non-Ionic Copolymer Templates", A. Deryło-Marczewska, A.W. Marczewski and I. Skrzypek, Annals of the Polish Chemical Society, Lublin, Poland pp.1084-1088 (2003) (Proc. of XLVI Meeting of Polish Chemical Society, Sept. 2003, Lublin, Poland)

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